Plasma treatment with kINPen® MED


kINPen® MED is a device to generate cold tissue-compatible plasma. Physical Plasma indicates an excited state of gas, often describes as fourth state of matter (beside solid, liquid and gaseous). The combination of different active principles provides a strong antibacterial and wound-healing supportive effect.

Therefore the plasma treatment with kINPen MED ® is particularly suitable for therapy of infected, poorly healing wounds. With cold plasma many types of pathogens could be destroyed including multiresistant bacteria. Furthermore wound healing is promoted by stimulating the growth of new tissue.

New therapeutic approach for wound healing disorders and pathogen-induced skin diseases

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Frequently asked questions about plasma treatment



For which kinds of diseases in particular is a plasma treatment suitable?

A therapy with kINPen® MED could be very useful in chronic wounds and wound healing disturbances like decubitus ulcers or ulcerated legs. In addition post surgery wounds and pathogen-induced skin diseases like fungal infections, verruca and acne could be treated with the cold plasma pen kINPen® MED.

What is the advantage of a cold plasma treatment?

The treatment with cold plasma promoted wound healing and has an antibacterial effect. In case if common treatments like antiseptics, ointments, dressings or even wound surgery have no effect plasma therapy could be successful. Clinical and observational studies of physicians show that chronic wounds could heal with a therapy using the plasma pen over several weeks.

What happens while the treatment?

The skin areas to be treated will be swept uniformly along with the plasma pen without contact to the wound at a speed of 5 mm per second. Plasma combines different active principles (UV light, reactive molecules, electric fields, temperature). These different components of cold plasma provide a strong antibacterial and wound-healing supportive effect.

How long takes one treatment?

The treatment duration depends on the size of the skin area to be treated. The skin areas that should be treated will be swept uniformly along with the plasma pen without contact to the wound at a moderate speed of 5 mm per second. The intensity of treatment is controlled with the treatment time. The treatment will be repeated after a few days until the desired result is recognizable.

Does the cold plasma treatment hurt?

The treatment will be done without direct contact to the wound and will cause no additional pain. Patients describe the treatment with cold plasma like a cool wisp of wind, which could lead in some cases to minimise itching and unpleasant sensations.

How many appointments are required?

The number of required treatments depends among others on the severity of the illness and the general condition of the patient. The treatment should be repeated one to two times per week until the desired therapy success is recognizable.

Are there any side effects or resistance formation?

The treatment with kINPen® MED shows a very good tolerability. Up to now no side effects or resistance formations were recognized during the treatment.

How long takes my regeneration?

Usually you could pursue your normal activities right after the treatment.

Am I a suitable candidate for that treatment?

Please ask your attending physician whether a treatment with the cold plasma device kINPen® MED might be a possible option for you.

Does my health insurance cover the treatment costs?

Up to now, the treatment with cold physical plasmas in wound management is not included in routine care. The kINPen® MED is used more and more in clinics and by dermatology specialists. In individual cases some few health insurances take over the costs of that treatment.

Cliical testing

neoplas tools GmbH is manufacturer of the kINPen® MED, which is certified as a medical product (class IIa) for treatment of acute and chronic wounds as well as pathogen-induced diseases of skin and skin appendages.

Medical products describe products with intended medical purpose, which are intended for treatment of humans. The principal effect of medical products is mainly achieved by physical impacts.

A clinical testing of medical products is required by law to prove that the product is medically active and harmless. Once safety and effectiveness are properly tested the responsible authority could certify the product and will be applied on patients by medical professionals.

Excerpt from results of clinical studies

- Effective on typical wound bacteria: mortification of all tested 105 typical wound pathogens and typical problem-causing pathogens like Pseudomonas, Klebsiella species and Methicillin-resistant S. aureus

- Treatment of chronic leg ulcer with kinpen MED and Octenisept©: comparable reduction of pathogens and increase in rate of wound healing (Median for relative wound contraction in chronic leg ulcer: plasma therapy: 56 %, Octenisept© therapy: 19 %)

- Plasma stimulation positively influences healing of superficial skin wounds by supporting cell proliferation in the wound

- Cold plasma is suitable for skin disinfection: no disturbing sensations during treatment, well tolerated within a treatment phase of less than 2 minutes per skin area