kINPen® MED is the first CE certified atmospheric pressure plasma jet with a medical device approval for the treatment of chronic wounds and pathogen-induced diseases oh the Skin.

This new and effective type of treatment supports wound healing and has proven to be an effective supplement to standard wound management.

The Plasma jet delivers physical Cold plasma with a temperature of ca. 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) to the wound with pinpoint accuracy. Areas with complex surface structures, recesses and cavities are easy to reach with the jet and can be treated evenly. The inert gas argon used for the plasma genereation guarantees a permanently consistent and stable atmosphere round the generated Plasma jet, providing an invariably high Treatment quality.

This innovation is a result of the longstanding scientific cooperation with the Leibniz-Institute for Plasma Science and Technology (INP Greifswald), the Universitätsmedizin Greifswald (University hospital Greifswald), the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Charité University hospital Berlin) and several partners in industry.


The kINPen® MED is particularly well suited for the treatment of wounds that are chronic, infected or that heal badly, for example in the presence of ulcus cruris or decubitus ulcer, and pathogen-induced skin or nail disorders (e. g. acne vulgaris or tinea pedis).
Clinical research is currently focusing on anextension of the scope of indications.

Mode of action

Cold plasma therapy is based on a purely physical effect. The major components of plasma are light intensity UV radiation, reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, electromagnetic fields and a short-term increase of temperature. These modes of action kill germs, including a large number of microorganisms and Bacteria strains and multi-resistant pathogens. Tissue regeneration is stimulated even in the deeper Skin layers and microcirculation is supported, resulting in an improved oxygen and nitrogen supply.

Therapy with the kINPen® MED offers a combination of the positive properties of the different modes of action.

Application of kINPen® MED

The kINPen® MED is moved perpendicularly across the affected wound area with a moderate consistent speed of ca. 5 mm/s. The effective plasma area of the kINPen® MED covers about 1 cm2.

During the treatment, maintenance of the specified distance and hygiene is ensured by an exchangeable spacer. The intensity of the treatment is controlled via the treatment time and should amount to 30-60 s/cm2.

The treatment can be performed in one-day to three-day intervals as long as there are no side effects. The overall duration of the cold plasma therapy depends on the individual wound conditions and the treatment frequency.

The therapy is performed as a supplement to the standard wound management. Prior to the plasma treatment necrotic wounds have to undergo debridement. The plasma treatment should be performed before topical medication to avoid undesired interactions with antiseptics. Due to its simple operation the application of the kINPen® MED plasma jet can be delegated by the attending physician.

Benefits of the kINPen® MED

• supports wound healing
• anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, deactivates multi-resistant pathogens
• wide range of indications for acute and chronic wounds
• painless non-invasive procedure that does not require anesthesia
• precise application even in recesses and cavities
• easy handling
• can be delegated by attending physician
• no side effects or formation of resistances observed

Techical Data

The kINPen® MED plasma source consists of a base unit and a permanently connected handpiece for the generation of the plasma jet. The base unit is connected to the external power supply with a power cable and to an external gas supply (argon) with a pressure
tube. The cold plasma jet is generated by a high frequency generator (1 MHz).

New therapeutic approach for wound healing disorders and pathogen-induced skin diseases

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