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kINPen® MED is the first CE certified atmospheric pressure plasma jet with a medical device approval for the treatment of chronic wounds and pathogen-induced diseases of the skin. This new and effective cold plasma therapy supports wound healing and has proven to be an effective supplement to standard wound management. Read more...

What is plasma?

Plasma is the fourth aggregate state of matter, follwing solid, liquid and gaseous. More than 99 % of the matter in space that is visible to men is in the plasma state. Northern lights, solar winds and flashes of lightning are natural plasmas. Energysaving lamps and plasma TV represent technical applications of Plasma. This means that the shape, size and temperature of a physical plasma are highly variable and can be adjusted as required. Read more...


  • supports wound healing
  • anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, deactivates multi-resistant pathogens
  • precise application even in recesses and cavities
  • painless non-invasive procedure that does not require anesthesia
  • no side effects or Formation of resistence observed

Workshops 2020

At the following events we will inform about our medical device kINPen® MED. We would like to welcome you to our booth: We offer you interesting results of medical plasma research, as well as much other information on the use of cold plasma in medicine.


2. - 3.07.2020 in Österreich

3.-05.12.2020 in Nürnberg



We look forward to your visit!